About Walnuts & Fruits

About Walnuts & Fruits

Story of Walnuts & Fruits started few years ago, when our both founders decided to enter dried fruits and healthy food market. Because the main goal was to deliver quality product without any unnecessary additives in the purest for available ( RAW, NATURAL, ORGANIC ) to the customers, the first and the most important task was to find suitable suppliers fulfilling our demands. That meant travelling thousands of kilometers to see ourselves and to be able to vouch for the quality of the goods that we guaranteed. We stick to those principles either if It’s Aronia, which was our first product or right now processed project for Cashew nuts.

Currently our offer contains dozens of items of dried fruits, nuts , herbs and raw virgin oils. We are constantly working on quality of our goods and expanding of our product range as per our customer’s requests. We work hard on our organic product range as It’s getting even more popular even on the domestic market. We are also preparing to launch a retail sale of our products to provide an alternative to standard wholesale packings.

We have already gone a long way since the start of the dried fruits sales projectand our intention is to continue to supply our current and future customers with carefully selected products without any unecessary additives and concessions on quality. We would like to thank all of our customers for their trust and favor.


Because walnut is our main product and adorns our logo. We have decided to show you Its way from our partner's orchards to you through the whole process of processing up to packaging and preparation for export.

After harvesting process 1.

After harvesting process

After harvesting in orchards , washing , sorting and drying are nuts stored in bags where they await further processing.

Mechanical sorting 2.

Mechanical sorting

First sorting after unshelling awaits walnuts on those rosters where are nuts sorted from bigger shell pieces and by size.

Manually sorting 3.

Manually sorting

After mechanical sorting are walnuts sorted manually , this is one of many manual sorting which nuts must pass . Nuts are sorted by colour of the core , fraction and from remains of shells .

Cleaning process 4.

Cleaning process

This is one of three control sections where are walnuts cleansed from remains of shells , substandard cores and fractions and other impurities.

Packing 5.


After the whole cycle of sorting and processing are walnuts packed into cardboard boxes with PE bags by required composition of the mix . They are afterwards weighted and sent to the metal detector.

Metal detector 6.

Metal detector

In the end of the whole process are boxes tested by metal detector . They are afterwards sent to preparation for export or to be vacuum-packed and exported afterwards .

Boxing walnuts 7.

Boxing walnuts

Walnuts are packed on pallets 550kg each . Either in cardboard boxes with PE bags or in vacuumed bags in cardboard boxes.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. In the near future we will contact you back.