Juglans regia

Walnuts are very old foodstuff which is consumed since neolith as was shown by archaelogical findings from Périgord area in France. Walnut core has atypical shape and colour which can vary from core to core. Colour of the core varies from very light to dark yellow, through gold to brown. There are also varieties with red core ( vermilion red for fresh and vine – dark burgundy for dried ).

Those walnuts go rancid slower and can be stored for couple of years. Walnuts are dried right after harvest , by themselves or with hot dry air. By this process we can reach required 8% moisture which guarantees that cores will not be infected by mold.

Those walnuts go rancid slower and can be stored for couple of years. Walnuts are dried right after harvest , by themselves or with hot dry air. By this process we can reach required 8% moisture which guarantees that cores will not be infected by mold.


Walnuts are used mostly in food industry , mainly in bakeries and confectioneries where they’re used as a flavoring or decorative agent. They are pressed for manufacture of Walnut oil and even an alcoholic beverage can be brewed.

Composition of walnuts

Walnuts are very nutritious because they contain approx. 70% fat which are mostly unsaturated fatty acids, 18% protein and 3% sugar. Main compound of fatty acids in walnut are omega – 3 fatty acids which helps against risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. It also helps with the brain development in children. Walnuts are rich energy source. Except for fatty acids they contain also rich sources of vitamin E, B1 and B6. Also sodium, folic acid and minerals like magnesium, copper and zinc. Nutrients contained positively affect human psyche, hair health, skin, nails and sexual potency. It’s reported that consumption of walnuts has anti-inflammatory effects which are shown mainly at hearts and vascular diseases. They have antioxidant effects and help against asthma and strenghten the intestines.


Corylus avellana

Hazelnut (Corylus avellana)

Hazelnuts are known to humans since Mesolithic ages (approx 9 000 years ). Hazelnuts are great energy source.They are also rich in minerals and vitamins. They contain high amounts of manganese, magnesium, iron , phosphorus, zinc and potassium. They’re also good source of protein and monosaturated fatty acids. Thanks to the content of B-complex vitamins, manganese and vitamin E, they have antioxidant effects, support metabolism, fat burning and disables production of free-radicals in tissues.

Cashew nuts

Anacardium occidentale

Cashew nuts (Anacardium occidentale)

Main reason of Cashew tree’s cultivation is cashew seed in it’s fruit ( cashew apple ). Cashews are great energy source ( 2310Kj / 100g ). They contain high amounts of minerals like : copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc. Cashews are also rich in omega – 3 fatty acids, lower cholesterol blood – levels, help with digestion issues, support regeneration, surpress fatigue and also support spermatogenesis in men.


Prunus dulcis

Almonds (Prunus dulcis)

Plod stromu z rozsáhlého rodu Prunus, kam patří také broskvoň, švestka či třešeň. Plody Mandloně jsou povětšinou sladké, avšak existuje několik hořkých odrůd. Sladké mandle jsou konzumovány po celém světě a jsou nedílnou součástí mnoha receptů. Mandle jsou bohatým zdrojem vitamínů sk. B (riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, B6 a folát), vitamínu E a esenciálních minerálů jako vápník, železo, hořčík, mangan, fosfor a zinek. Jsou také bohaté na vlákninu, nenasycené mastné kyseliny, polonasycené mastné kyseliny a další látky, které jsou spojovány se snižováním cholesterolu.


Because walnut is our main product and adorns our logo. We have decided to show you Its way from our partner's orchards to you through the whole process of processing up to packaging and preparation for export.

After harvesting process 1.

After harvesting process

After harvesting in orchards , washing , sorting and drying are nuts stored in bags where they await further processing.

Mechanical sorting 2.

Mechanical sorting

First sorting after unshelling awaits walnuts on those rosters where are nuts sorted from bigger shell pieces and by size.

Manually sorting 3.

Manually sorting

After mechanical sorting are walnuts sorted manually , this is one of many manual sorting which nuts must pass . Nuts are sorted by colour of the core , fraction and from remains of shells .

Cleaning process 4.

Cleaning process

This is one of three control sections where are walnuts cleansed from remains of shells , substandard cores and fractions and other impurities.

Packing 5.


After the whole cycle of sorting and processing are walnuts packed into cardboard boxes with PE bags by required composition of the mix . They are afterwards weighted and sent to the metal detector.

Metal detector 6.

Metal detector

In the end of the whole process are boxes tested by metal detector . They are afterwards sent to preparation for export or to be vacuum-packed and exported afterwards .

Boxing walnuts 7.

Boxing walnuts

Walnuts are packed on pallets 550kg each . Either in cardboard boxes with PE bags or in vacuumed bags in cardboard boxes.

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